Verdigris is establishing a US bank for those who lack equal and affordable access to the financial system including the financially underserved (unbanked and underbanked) and excluded (de-risked and high compliance including fin-tech). We combine tailored financial products and services with essential financial education, supported by an integrated risk and compliance analytics technology platform.

Our approach and services incorporates core financial technology capabilities across digital identity, end-to-end payment process and settlement systems, data and consumer analytics and risk management as value added components across the platform. This allows us to deliver products and services cost effectively to achieve the fundamental goals of smoothing income/expense volatility, credit enhancement, efficient and price-sensitive access to financial assets, and building financial well-being. The platform helps increase risk transparency, limit physical footprint and reinforce community-=based banking solutions, driving profits through service-based fees (banking and risk/compliance as a service).

Coupled with embedded community-based partnerships, Verdigris brings financial services to our clients and provides value to banks seeking to fulfill Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) mandates. It provides a regulated banking solution to fintech, remitter, payment and other companies who have direct value to underserved communities but who similarly face increasing regulator scrutiny.