Our Mission

For tens of thousands of businesses and international banks, tens of millions of individuals in the U.S. and billions of individuals globally, banking remains unavailable and out of reach.
This creates an opportunity to serve these affected people and companies, delivering real, widespread and profitable impact.

Verdigris will be the Bank for the New Financial System by providing a high-compliance, identity-driven platform that delivers access to all legal consumers and providers of financial services. The result - a secure, regulated, global network for value transfer and wealth creation for all.   


A New Landscape

Banks increasingly cease servicing major customer segments deemed too high risk for AML/CFT and compliance reasons. Regulators are concerned lower tier institutions can’t manage the safety and risk requirements for these “high risk” customers. The result is billions of dollars left out of the market as the unbanked and underbanked are left without solutions.

The Verdigris Opportunity

Through a technology-enabled, community-first approach, Verdigris will enable not only reduced-cost compliance support but expanded services for all those who lack reliable access including individuals, companies and correspondent banks.  


Verdigris is led by an experienced team of executives, directors and advisors, bringing together the best in banking, risk management, compliance, high risk and low income markets, technology and social enterprise development.
Meet the Team