Our Mission

Banking is Broken. For millions around the  U.S., banking remains unavailable and out of reach, as traditional banks are missing capabilities and cultures  to serve stakeholders. People suffer as a result. Verdigris stands in the gap providing a price competitive, compliance focused services that will satisfy regulators, and provide a go-to solution for these clients that other institutions don’t want—or  are unable—to service.

Verdigris is led by an experienced team that brings together expertise in commercial and community banking.

We specialize in risk management, social enterprise development, low / moderate income mortgage origination and servicing, financial education, high risk/high compliance and the delivery of new ideas from concept or failing business to successful, operational businesses.  


A New Landscape = Market Opportunity

Banks increasingly cease servicing, major customer segments deemed too highrisk for AML/CFT1 and compliance reasons. Regulators are concerned lower  tier  institutions can’t manage the safety and risk  requirements for these “high risk”  customers. 

The Verdigris Opportunity

Through a technology-enabled, community-first approach, Verdigris will enable not only reduced-cost compliance support but expanded services for the un-banked, under-banked and de-risked.  


Verdigris is led by an experienced team and advisory group that brings together the best in high  risk/high compliance, risk management, commercial and community banking, technology, and social enterprise development. MEET THE LEADERSHIP TEAM.

Verdigris is establishing a US community bank for the financially underserved (unbanked and underbanked) and excluded (derisked and high compliance, including fin-tech) that combines tailored financial products and services with essential financial education, and supported by an integrated risk and compliance analytics and financial-technology platform.  

This integration incorporates core financial technology capabilities across digital identity, end-to-end payment process and settlement systems, credit/lending, data and consumer analytics, and risk management as value added components across the platform, which allows us to deliver products/services more cost effectively to achieve the fundamental goals of: smoothing income/expense volatility, credit enhancement, efficient and price-sensitive access to financial assets, and building financial well-being. Such a platform helps increase transparency, limit physical footprint, and reinforce community-based banking solutions, which drives profits through both fee (banking and risk/compliance as a service) and interest revenues (core banking). 

Coupled with embedded community-based partnerships, Verdigris brings financial services directly to our clients, and provides value to banks seeking to fulfill Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) and other community engagement mandates.  It also provides a regulated banking solution to fintech companies who have direct value to underserved communities, but who similarly face increasing regulator scrutiny.  We have finalized the purchase agreement with an existing and profitable bank platform (diversifying investment risk and hastening time to market), on which we can develop and test our core technology and operational foundation (mitigating regulatory and operations risk) to more profitably support financial access to the underserved.